3rd Summer Academy of Atlantic History – Hamburg – 25-29 Aug 2013

SAAH3-PosterThe Third Summer Academy of Atlantic History will be held in Hamburg on 25-29 August 2013.


(15th-19th century)

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 The third Summer Academy of Atlantic History will explore how the many Atlantic worlds were connected to each other. We will look at any aspect of the emergence, transformation and exchange of knowledge. We will consider the building of networks, of communication and transport systems, letter writing and correspondence. How was knowledge defined? Who did exchange knowledge in the Atlantic world and to which ends? What knowledge was exchanged? How did systems of transportation and circuits of knowledge evolve, how did they change between the 15th and the 19th century? Finally, did the exchange of knowledge within the Atlantic World enhance notions of belonging to one Atlantic World?

The third Summer Academy of Atlantic History (SAAH) invites PhD students working on any aspect related to the theme of “Circuits of Knowledge” to make application for a limited number of studentships that will enable them to participate in the third Summer Academy of Atlantic History.

The third Summer Academy will be hosted by Professor Claudia Schnurmann, Universitaet Hamburg. As well as providing the selected students with an opportunity to present papers and engage in discussion with tutors and their fellow students on their research, the Summer Academy will also host keynote speakers who will address broad themes appertaining to Atlantic History.

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