The European Early American Studies American (EEASA) is designed to foster international collaboration between early Americanists throughout Europe. As such, it provides a multilateral European alternative for the practice of early American history – an increasingly international field – different from normal bilateral relationships between individual Europeanists and scholars and institutions in North America.

It provides a means whereby European early Americanists can share their work with other Europeanists without the expense and difficulty of presenting such work in America. Such a network will be of potentially great value to postgraduate students and to European scholars with limited resources who find it difficult to accommodate themselves to American intellectual patterns. It build on the successful establishment of an early American network within Britain (the British Group in Early American History), which has held annual conferences on North American history for over a decade. It also builds on the networks established in early American history (marked by the formation of a Scientific Committee on early American history) at the first European network on early American history held in Paris, December 2006. It was funded during 2008-2010 by a Network Grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council (UK), and aims to bring Early Americanists from Europe and the US closer together.

EEASA has established close links with REDEHJA. REDEHJA Vice-President Bertrand Van Ruymbeke (Université Paris 8 – Paris Lumières) is currently in charge of relations with learned societies in France and Europe, and as such, Prof. Van  Ruymbeke is the chosen intermediary between EEASA and REDEHJA.

For more information, please visit EEASA’s website.

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